Level 1 Training

Sat Nam Rasayan® Practitioner

In the training you learn to experience the intuitive clarity of your mind and to use it in the healing work with Sat Nam Rasayan.

Dates for the start of training

The Sat Nam Rasayan training lasts 3.5 years and is subdivided into
Level 1 (1 year, Practitioner) and Level 2 (2.5 years, Healer).

Level 1 Training

People who would like to work full-time or part-time with Sat Nam Rasayan as a healer decide for our presence training. But also those who want to deepen their professional activity, for example in the therapeutic field, with yoga and meditation techniques will find it a wonderful complement. Others use the many positive effects of Sat Nam Rasayan for themselves and their meditative practice.

Each participant is supported in his or her personal development. The work in the training units is complemented by independent practice or with practice in the online meditations.

With Sat Nam Rasayan you can:

  • Be present with all senses during the treatment
  • Releasing blockages in the patient through attention alone
  • apply own treatment methods in a deeper way
  • Integrate calm and serenity in life
  • Experience every moment with mental clarity and presence
  • deal with your sensations, thoughts and emotions without clinging to them
  • develop and establish inner silence in your mind

Training fee and certificate

The training fee for 10 days is 800 € if paid in full directly at the beginning of the training. If paid in installments, 10 installments of 87 € each are possible (total 870 €). The training consists of 7 individual days and a 3-day retreat. At the retreat there are additional costs for the seminar house (approx. 70-110 €/day).

Details can be found on the pages of the locations.

For the completion of Level 1 with certificate on Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner, 2 additional days are required. These can be taken at any of the day seminars or retreats offered outside of the training dates. These additional days are not included in the training fee.

Contribution additional days: about 120 €/day
Certificate level 1: 50 €

You can find our level 1 trainings in:
Düsseldorf, Giessen, Stuttgart/Heilbronn and Graz/Grein