School of Meditation and Healing

For thousands of years Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret yoga tradition. For a few decades, the healing art has been taught publicly. In different cities we offer trainings for Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner and Healer.

“Silence is the greatest healer.”

turiya – the school

In 2001, Sven Butz founded the “turiya School for Meditation and Healing” in collaboration with Carmen Smida. Since then he has been teaching Sat Nam Rasayan trainings all over the world – among others in Australia, Iceland, Russia and various cities in Germany and Europe.

The many years of our experience allowed us to develop a very special training program. This includes the annual retreats and hands-on healing work with clients during the training weekends. The end of a year we invite to our big Gathering.

It is especially important to us to accompany our participants beyond the training levels 1 and 2 and to enable continuous learning – in our experience this is essential for healing work. That is why we have built up our “Walking the Path” program and trainings in the form of retreats and workshops. Thus, our participants of the first levels always meet advanced healers, which supports a deep exchange and a professional approach to the work with Sat Nam Rasayan.

The Sat Nam Rasayan trainings with Sven are currently only taking place in Germany and Austria.
Our online meditations are in German and English.

The Teachings of Sat Nam Rasayan®.

The essence of our path is the development of inner silence and intuitive clarity – free from dogmas, concepts and ideas.

In the effortlessness and ease of silent observation, unconscious emotional patterns and blockages are released – in you and in your client. The presence and intensity that unfolds has a profoundly transformative effect on your life and heals your whole being. This self-healing is an important step on the way to becoming a healer.

In our training and workshops we share a deep experience in meditation. You experience inner stillness as your true nature as a human being and develop your healing capacity. In the process, meditation becomes something natural. You experience your Self as a space of consciousness where all experiences take place. This is liberating and unifying at the same time. Healing happens.

    A wonderful, deep practice that brought about a change in me after the first day.

    Sven guides through the kriyas with serene clarity and humor. I am already looking forward to the next Sat Nam Rasayan round! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Wideness, opening, deep experience in me. And yet together, connected in meditative space. Beyond borders. A deep silence. Thank you.

    Thank you for the many small and big miracles you have created with all the turiya Team made possible by the online meditations. There have been so many tangible positive changes for me; I’m sure the non-tangible ones are even more numerous!

    Very great Sat Nam Rasayan day with interesting topic and enough time to ask questions and heal. I feel very good in the group and meanwhile very familiar. Thank you very much for this.

    In one of the last online meditations, Sven’s words touched me very much. Among other things, he talked about not underestimating our power and the impact our silence has on those around us. That is so true.

    Thank you (Sven and everyone at Turiya) and our community from the bottom of my heart for the journey, development and experience we share.

    “Don’t underestimate your Power”.

    “You are the dynamic expression
    of the silence of the universe.”

    Sven Butz