Every Tuesday from 20-21 h live on Zoom with Sven Butz

Free of charge and a gift of stillness and stability in rapidly changing times.

Meeting ID: 8375 5372 493 | Code: 719304

For beginners and those experienced in meditation.

Lessons in D + EN

In compact Tuesday classes, we use the dynamic meditations of Kundalini Yoga and short silent meditations to allow a healing space to emerge. With breathing and movement exercises and holding positions, we open our physical body and mind to release blockages in the energetic body.

Here you can find some videos.

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You can find more meditations on our Youtube channel

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Release tensions in the heart

The first Kriya helps to release tension in the area of the heart and can be supportive in reducing high blood pressure. You can practice them well in the evening right before sleeping. Very relaxing and touching.

[video_popup url=”https://youtu.be/21fQ_VmFQmo” wrap=”1″ img=”https://turiya.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/free-meditation-sven-butz-sommersonnenwende-e1657378755956.jpg”]

Solstice meditation 2022

A wonderful meditation series to open your heart. Appropriate for the summer solstice, the day of light and connected openness.

[video_popup url=”https://youtu.be/_zUKk2OkuKo” wrap=”1″ img=”https://turiya.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/free-meditation-sven-butz-awaken-kundalini-e1657378987692.jpg”]

Awaken Kundalini

This powerful kriya uses sound and movement to move the kundalini into the central channel and open the body.

The practice in the group

Sven creates a very strong energy field online. He knows how to connect the group and choose the particular practices according to the energy of the moment. In this way, each workshop becomes a special experience of healing and transformation.
This energy remains palpable even in the records.

So far I am experiencing a whole new world of meditation, which was not yet apparent to me in this way. In places grandiose expanses and silence. Demanding and challenging, but very profitable!!!

Wideness, opening, deep experience in me. And yet together, connected in meditative space. Beyond borders. A deep silence. Thank you.

Hard to describe with words. Really profound…I experience a great opening and connection to myself and am calmer and calmer, with more confidence in things!

It was a very powerful meditation. Wonderfully explained and supported by Sven. I slept like a baby after that. Thank you!

Very special, intense and wonderful. And as always, so great guidance. Thank you.

On the one hand, a wonderful serenity develops with which I go into everyday life.
Second, something opens up in me that I can’t really describe yet. But the new way of sensing, of perceiving the space fills me with confidence and gratitude.