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of Sat Nam Rasayan

In the meditative healing art Sat Nam Rasayan you heal with the power of inner silence. Sat Nam Rasayan gives you a deep knowledge for your spiritual path and combines the ancient knowledge of the yogis with the demands of life in our modern world.


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Founder and trainer Sven Butz

Welcome to turiya –
your path to inner peace and silence.

Here you will learn everything about meditation & the meditative healing art Sat Nam Rasayan at turiya. We look forward to a new generation of meditators and healers who want to connect and learn with our great community.

Where do you want to start?
Online with meditation or in our Sat Nam Rasayan events at many locations in Germany, in Austria or on Ibiza?

Enjoy discovering it.




Ibiza retreat

The online meditations from Kundalini Yoga support your spiritual growth and offer you the opportunity to meditate regularly with Sven and a strong community from around the world. To get started, the free meditation on Tuesday evenings is suitable.

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The Sat Nam Rasayan Retreats are open to all who are interested. We address current issues and explore our self-healing powers and various aspects of meditation. Allow yourself to have a deep meditative experience and stabilize.

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“When you stop and become still,
then the universe can move for you.”

Guru Dev Singh