Sven Butz

Founder of the school

Sven Butz was a long-time student of Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, and has been practicing Sat Nam Rasayan for more than 30 years. He leads seminars and trainings worldwide.

Sven Butz – trainer and healer

In 1992 Sven met his teacher Guru Dev Singh, the master of Sat Nam Rasayan. From the first moment he felt a deep heart connection that led him on a transformative journey of healing and meditation. Nine years later, he founded the School of Meditation and Healing, which became the Turiya School. Since then he has been teaching Sat Nam Rasayan level 1 and 2 trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide.

For more than 12 years Sven worked as an alternative practitioner in his own practice with a focus on body therapy. Under the guidance of his teacher Guru Dev Singh, he developed Healing Touch, a synthesis of Sat Nam Rasayan and body therapy elements.

He has since devoted himself entirely to teaching the meditative healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan and travels tirelessly to preserve these precious teachings and tradition.

In 2018, Sven was commissioned by Guru Dev Singh to summarize the structure of his work with the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan for future generations of teachers, thus preserving the teachings in their purity.

Sven’s rich experience is shaped by the study of various nondual and Kundalini Yoga traditions. For him, inner silence is the essence and connection of all spiritual traditions. Silence is not something we hold or find, but the natural state of our mind. “What distracts me from this natural silence?” is the question on whose path he moves.

All yoga, all healing, finds its beginning in the reduction of this distraction. In joyful effortlessness of natural being.

“You are the dynamic expression
of the silence of the universe”

Sven Butz