Level 2 Training (D)

Sat Nam Rasayan® Healer

As a Sat Nam Rasayan healer, you integrate the richness of your meditative mind into healing work and explore different aspects of healing with Sat Nam Rasayan. You recognize your own personal abilities and develop them further.

Level 2 Training (D)

Level 2 takes you into the depths of the meditative mind. You expand your perspective in healing work and the possibilities of the meditative mind. In level 2 we work with five topics.

The knowledge

  • Art of knowledge
  • Resonance or Impact

Techniques in healing work

  • The five elements
  • Dream State
  • Forms

All your senses and perceptions are integrated into your healing work. There is nothing that cannot be a tool of Your healing art.

With time you realize that the supposedly separate themes give you access to the big picture and to the unity of your experiences.

You can find our level 2 trainings in:
Düsseldorf, Giessen and Graz/Grein