Morning meditations
Online with Sven Butz

Start the day with clear focus and energy. Be surprised by the efficiency and a deep transformation.

Start the day with a clear focus and energy. Let yourself be surprised by the efficiency and a deep transformation.

Next morning meditation 14.10.-4.11.22
Stability and openness (D + EN)

Our world is undergoing an enormous transformation.  Where you have normally found security, now changes are taking place. At the current moment you can only find stability within yourself.

Even more important is the question: how can I keep myself open? Openness combined with lightness of heart, with strength and clarity to find intuitive answers and actions during this time.

In October I would like to share a morning meditation with you that gives you this balance of openness and stability. Right now we can form a field that on the one hand enables transformation and on the other hand offers each of us a stable refuge for regeneration and inspiration, independent of external influences.

Be curious and open to new paths and a new attitude in this meditation series with Sven.


14.10.-4.11.22 via Zoom

Time: 5.30 – 6.30 h
Costs: 54 €

You can book here:


We will provide you the daily video at 7.30 am. So you can continue to practice if you cannot join the meditation at 5:30 in the morning.


PDF, music, videos

For many meditations you will receive PDFs in English and the music file. The download link is valid until 22/12/22.

Let`s heal together.

The exercises are inspired by the knowledge and years of practice of Shivaism, Advaita and Dzogchen Buddhism. All these traditions knew the power of combining kriya, exercises to open the energy system, and silent observation (contemplation).

For general questions, feel free to write to Carmen at or for questions about meditation,

Dates for the morning meditation

october 2022

thu01sep5:30mon10oct(oct 10)6:3040 Days Morning Meditation 1.9.-10.10»Removing blocks«Event:Online meditationZoomSpecial:Morning meditationLanguage:D + EN

mon10oct(oct 10)5:30fri04nov(nov 4)6:3022 days Morning meditation 14.10.-4.11.»Stability and openness«Event:Online meditationZoomSpecial:Morning meditationLanguage:D + EN

december 2022

thu01dec5:30sat24(dec 24)6:3024 days Morning meditation 1.-24.12.»24 days of transformation«Event:Online meditationZoomSpecial:Morning meditationLanguage:D + EN

january 2023

tue03jan(jan 3)6:00thu05(jan 5)8:30live sadhana from our retreatFree Meditation »Stabilizing the view«Event:Online meditationZoomSpecial:Free Meditation,Morning meditationLanguage:D + EN

The practice in the group

Sven creates a very strong energy field online. He knows how to connect the group and choose the particular practices according to the energy of the moment. In this way, each morning becomes a special experience of healing and transformation.
This energy remains palpable even in the records.

The early morning hours offer a special opportunity for personal transformation. Your mind is still untouched by everyday life. The energy and mental balance you create in that moment enriches your whole day. It is a real gift to yourself. You open yourself to new possibilities and your true potential.

Sven shares with you His wealth of experience from 30 years of personal practice. He takes a lot of time after each lesson to answer personal questions and explain each practice in detail. It is a real treasure for a deeper understanding of meditation and a great enrichment for your Sat Nam Rasayan and Kundalini Yoga practice.

If you know that every morning this meditation circle will take place, it will be easier for you to get up in the morning and establish a regular meditation routine. Meditation with Sven is an always fresh and new exploration of your potential.

I am on the current morning meditation and very grateful for it. It is a gift that and how you facilitate and pass on this experience. The practice immediately went very deep into everyday life. Yes. I have the impression that Sven on the one hand ties very deeply to the Kundalini Yoga tradition and at the same time imports it openly and without rigid dogma. A dialogue. In this way, from my point of view, both tradition and novelty can find or retain their space. This is a gift for everyone. Thank you!

Wideness, opening, deep experience in me. And yet together, connected in meditative space. Beyond borders. A deep silence. Thank you.

An opportunity for spiritual awakening with a community of like minded practitioners with a superb, well educated and experienced teacher.

*A million stars*

Thank you for doing this service for us all! May we continue on our journeys of awakening, and remember to be the light! Chris

Meditation is a very good start to the day! You feel very well taken care of with Sven, questions are answered, everything is explained very well! Thank you very much!

A wonderful offer from Sven to meditate for 40 days guided and in a group. Every day brings new experience, more depth and energy for the day. I am grateful for this experience.

I am fascinated, feel secure, included, carried and guided. Every morning I look forward to our “virtual” practice together. Sven guides wisely, motivating us through various kriyas. This hour feeds my soul for the day. This guidance and the group motivates me to be there every day. For this I thank Sven from the bottom of my heart and all participants for the energetic togetherness. Especially in our challenging times, morning practice does incredible good. Best to experience and learn for yourself. Good luck!

“When meditation becomes effortless, you experience profound regeneration, healing, and the taste of your true nature.”