The Tradition of Sat Nam Rasayan®

For thousands of years Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret yoga tradition. Sat Nam Rasayan was exclusively transmitted in silence from a master to his disciple, this privilege was reserved only for a few very advanced disciples. The process of training usually lasted several years, during which the master molded his disciple with various methods until he could dwell stably in a state of neutrality and stillness. The teachings were considered one of the highest achievements of yoga.

Guru Dev Singh – Master of Sat Nam Rasayan

Guru Dev Singh Ph.D. (1948 – 2021) was born in Puebla, Mexico. In the 70’s the youth in Mexico began to investigate more the spiritual roots in their country. During this time, Guru Dev Singh began his training with a Mexican medicine man. The teaching took place exclusively in silence. Back in the city, he noticed that the knowledge he had learned was not really useful to him here.

It was during this time that he first came in contact with Kundalini Yoga. He was trained in the traditional way in Sat Nam Rasayan by Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga. This training also took place exclusively in silence. Finally, Guru Dev Singh reached a state of neutrality. Yogi Bhajan then gave him an experience of the Sat Nam Rasayan state. After that, it took him several more years to master this meditative awareness. During this time he worked as a healer in Mexico.

In 1989 he came to Europe and began to teach Sat Nam Rasayan publicly, in accordance with his teacher’s wishes. The University of Colombo awarded him an honorary doctorate for his achievements in the field of complementary medicine.

“In the state of Sat Nam Rasayan
every moment becomes an infinite possibility.”

Guru Dev Singh