How do I register with Sofengo?

At you can register free of charge. Click on REGISTER and enter your data. Short video about the application.

If you already have an account, log in via LOGIN.

How do I book a webinar on Sofengo?

At z you can find the webinars with Sven.

Click on your webinar and on the BOOK WEBINAR button. When booking a webinar you can pay by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

If you have a voucher code you can enter it on the booking page. The confirmation “This coupon is valid!” appears.

Are the webinars recorded at Sofengo?

If the webinar takes place on SOFENGO, the recorded video will be published approx. 24 h later under BOOKED WEBINARS.

If the webinar takes place on ZOOM, there is usually no recording. The description then says: the webinar will take place on ZOOM.

How do the morning meditations work?

We use SOFENGO only for booking. Your invoice also comes from SOFENGO. The morning meditations will take place on ZOOM.

You will receive by mail the night before the ZOOM-LINK plus the link to the DOWNLOAD-ORDNER.

So you don ‘t need to log in to Sofengo in the morning!

How do I download the files for the morning meditations ?

Just click on the day folder or the file you want to download. The best way to do this is to download one day at a time, rather than several days at a time. The videos are around 500 MB/day, maybe get some external storage for that.

If you have problems with the download it can help

  • to load all files individually,
  • delete the browser cookies,
  • or clear the browser history.

It’s best to ask someone at your location who knows computers.