General Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy

These GTC apply to all offers of Mr. Sven Butz – School for Mediation and Healing (hereinafter: turiya). The GTC are accepted with the registration (declaration of consent). Amendments or collateral agreements shall require the prior written confirmation of turiya and apply only to the respective individual business case. Conflicting terms and conditions of the participant are not recognized, even if they have not been expressly contradicted.

The workshops and evenings are open to newcomers and advanced students unless otherwise stated. The Sat Nam Rasayan Retreats and Trainings are aimed at people who want to work with Sat Nam Rasayan on a full-time or part-time basis, who want to complement their professional activities with yoga and meditation techniques (yoga teachers, health trainers, therapists, etc.) and who want to learn and experience the science of meditation in great depth.

You can find the cancellation policy here:

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal for consumers does not exist or may expire prematurely in the case of contracts for the provision of services in the areas of accommodation for purposes other than residential purposes, the transport of goods, motor vehicle rental, the supply of food and drink, and the provision of other services in connection with leisure activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period for the provision, Section 312g (2) No. 9 of the German Civil Code. As far as turiya provides services in connection with leisure activities and the contract provides for a specific date or period, i.e. in particular offers seminars on specific dates, there is therefore no right of withdrawal. Booked seminars are therefore immediately after confirmation by turiya binding and commit to participation and payment of the seminar fee.

Upon receipt of the registration form, the registration is binding. If the cancellation conditions are not shown separately on the registration form or flyer of the event, these cancellation conditions apply:

Cancellation by the participant up to four weeks before the start of the booked event is free of charge. After that 100% of the retreat fee will be charged. This also applies in the event of non-appearance. A substitute participant can be provided at any time.
Cancellation must be made in writing and addressed to turiya, Carmen Smida, Emster Str. 24, 58093 Hagen,
Day workshops, weekend workshops without accommodation and meals: up to 10 days before the cancellation is free of charge. After that 40 € will be charged.

A cancellation is free of charge.

Change of the offer
turiya reserves the right, in the event of the occurrence of turiya circumstances for which the organizer is not responsible, e.g. illness or other absence of a speaker, to relocate the seminar in terms of space and/or time, to use another speaker as a substitute or to cancel the event. If the minimum number of participants specified in the invitation to tender is not reached, we reserve the right to turiya reserves the right to postpone or cancel the respective event. In the event of a postponement of an event, the participants can choose between participation in the alternatively offered date and the refund of possibly already paid participation fees. In case of cancellation of an event without substitution, participation fees already paid will be refunded.

Health complaints
The participant must disclose existing health impairments or illnesses or an existing pregnancy with the registration. In the case of existing illnesses, physical or mental limitations or pregnancy, participation is generally only possible with the express written approval of the attending physician.

turiya shall be liable for proper functioning of the equipment provided. It is expressly pointed out that with this registration the course participant assures to be healthy. We assume no liability for valuables brought along.

The seminars of turiya do not constitute medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. They are not suitable for working through mental disorders. Participation in the seminars is voluntary and on the participant’s own responsibility. For the rest, the liability of turiya limited to intent, gross negligence and the violation of essential contractual obligations, whereby the damage must be typical and foreseeable for a seminar event.

We wish you a pleasant stay and look forward to spending time together!
Sat nam.